Dear students!

Please join our online course for international freshmen “Immersion in the university environment”. The course consists of some tutorials:

“Meeting TSU”, “TSU Resource Map for International Students” “How to Plan Studies in TSU Effectively”.

Below is the schedule of the tutorials (Tomsk time, GMT+7):

            Meeting TSU:

September 7 at 16:35 (languages: English, Russian+Chinese, Russian+Vietnamese)

September 7 at 18:25 (languages: English, Russian+Chinese, Russian+Vietnamese)

            TSU Resource Map for International Students:

September 8 at 16:35 (languages: English, Russian+Chinese, Russian+Vietnamese)

September 8 at 18:25 (languages: English, Russian+Chinese, Russian+Vietnamese)

            How to Plan Studies in TSU Effectively:

September 9 at 16:35 (languages: English, Russian)

September 9 at 18:25 (languages: English, Russian)

ZOOM links for these tutorials were sent to your email address (check the spam box). The links will be also accessible in the MOODLE system.

You may choose the convenient time for each tutorial (16:35 OR 18:25).

You will also need the link to this course in the MOODLE system to do practical activities during the tutorials.

Meet (not without slight sadness) the last summer month with #TomskWeeklyPoster


Last week TSU started an annual event “I’m in TSU”. Students and enrollees can visit useful workshops, art sessions, meetings with faculties and more. Here are events we advise to go to:


On August 2 and 4 at 12:00 you may discover your vocal and dancing potential with workshops from school of music and theater “Mask show”.


On August 3 at 13:30 there will be the meeting with sci-fi and fantasy author Roman Zlotnikov, and at 17:00 you may come to TSU dance Hall and play some tabletop games on the tabletop games evening.


On August 4 you have the great opportunity to start your morning with yoga practice at 11:00, and then, at 16:00 watch an incredible Pixar animation “Soul” (it even won three Oscars this year, so it’s worth watching).


On August 5 at 12:00 you may deal with your motivation during the lecture “Four motivation blocks”, and at 17:30 check your erudition with quiz game.


In short, you won’t be bored during the week! But attention: each event requires registration. The full schedule and registration links are here.


New students start coming to Tomsk even now, so the best way for them to meet the city is excursions. Each weekend Museum of Wooden Architecture holds walking tours around the “European quarter” and shows the distinguished masterpieces of Tomsk architecture. Each tour begins at 16:00, the duration is 1h30. The cost is 800 rubles. To register please call: +7 (382) 256-39-53.


July is the holiday and vacation time, so the majority of theaters, museums, and event spaces have a well-earned break to come back in autumn refreshed. That’s why the amount of events during the hottest day of summer is significantly less. However there are some curious things this week, and we would like to share them with you


On July 27 in Tomsk House of Art there is an opening of the exhibition “From monumentalism to pictorial art” dedicated to architecture and city space. More than 20 Siberian artists participated in the exposition and presented their works: you may find pictorial art works, landscape paintings, illustrations, and graphic collages. And at 19:00 there will be an open air lection in support of the exhibition about human feelings and architecture. The lecture and the exhibition are free.


The First Museum of Slavic Mythology continues showing immersive exhibition “Playing with eternity”. They say, there you may discover new sides of your personality and to know yourself! Very intriguing, isn’t it? The exhibition is open every day this week from 10:00 to 19:00, the cost is 200 rubles.


On July 29 at 19:00 Kafedra café launches the project called PechaKuchaNight. It is an informal conference where participants prepare their speech and presentation in format “20 slides, 20 seconds each” according to the theme given. The next conference’s theme is “Holidays in Russia are meant to be”. If you want to tell your story about your trips around Russia or to listen to other’s stories, please, register via The cost for participants is 100 rubles.


July 31 is the last day of the exhibition “Mummies: in the footsteps of ancient cultures” in Tomsk Local Lore Museum. This is the Russia’s only project of historical reconstruction representing the most popular mummies’ authentic models from different museums all around the world. This is the opportunity to get to know ancient burial customs of different countries and to see the artifacts of world’s cultural heritage. The cost is 300 rubles.


If you miss some open air events, we have something for you: Tomsk Local Lore Museum invites you to the celebration of Saint Elija’s Day in the Museum Garden. The traditional Russian amusements are expected too: there will be games of strength, agility and stamina, workshops on making dolls and even Cossack porridge – how can you refuse? Moreover, the holiday and the treats there are free. We think it’s a unique opportunity to learn about Russian culture, especially for an international student. So don’t forget to pay them a visit in the Museum Garden on July 2 at 11:00.

Dear friends,
sharing information about the trip to the summer camp!


The bus will be waiting for you on July 22 at 10.45 near the Parus hostel. Bring your essentials with you (we highly recommend you bring a swimsuit... and also something warm, because the nights by the river can be cold!).


The journey will take about 1.5 hours.


The bus will bring you back on July 24th. Departure from Kireevsk at 17.00.


We also inform you that there are still a couple of free seats, if someone decided that he wants to go - you can join :)

Express-course of the Russian language Vacation in Tomsk
The course Vacation in Tomsk will help you to quickly learn Russian   language to the level of everyday communication. The program is aimed at international students who begin and continue to learn the Russian language (A0 - B1 levels).   The course includes 2 stages:   Online format (3 weeks) includes Russian grammar learning. During this time, you will receive a solid grammatical base and overcome the language barrier;  Offline format (3 weeks) implies full immersion in the language environment.   You will practice the knowledge you’ll gain online.   An important part of the course is extracurricular activities: excursions, master classes, speaking clubs, meetings with tutors that will help you to improve communication skills.   Classes are taught by leading experts in teaching Russian as a foreign language.   The express course of the Russian language Vacation in Tomsk is a complete immersion in the language environment and culture of Russia. We provide student’s support 24/7 online and offline - new technologies and methods of communication. And, of course, a unique teaching method and an individual approach to everyone.
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Higher IT School graduates its first bachelors
There are 22 students in the first graduation class of the TSU Higher IT School. 19 of them are citizens of Russia who graduated from the Russian-language version of the program Software Engineering. Three more are international students who studied all four years and defended their graduation theses in English.   Software Engineering in Russian and English is the flagship bachelor's degree program at the Higher IT School of TSU (HITs). It applies the best teaching practices of the world's leading universities (MIT, Stanford, and Carnegie Mellon): project-based teaching, flipped classrooms, and others. From the second year, students work closely with partner companies: they undergo internships and participate in real IT projects. Graduates of the program are ready-made developers. Already in the first year, they create their first computer game and move on, mastering Data Science, web development, information security, and much more.   - Our students defended a wide range of works - from analytics and development (front, back, and mobile applications) to new topics for us - DevOps, ML, and MLOps. I remember when one of the attestation commission members began to question a graduate student with a topic about MLOps. This is a new area in software engineering, dedicated to the development of the basic elements of information systems (architectures), which are based on machine learning (ML) models. And the member said: “We are now doing the same and have advanced no farther than this student, - said Oleg Zmeev, TSU Vice-Rector for Digital Transformation, Academic Director of the Higher IT School.   Another graduate work, which attracted special attention, was devoted to working with a video stream in mines, written for a real customer and the conditions of a particular mine - so that workers, as little as possible and in safe conditions, can go down into the mine where the combine picking the rock is working. The harvester there goes along a certain line, and breakdowns occur when it deviates from this line. The HITs graduate's thesis offers a system that monitors such deviations in real-time and informs the operator of potential problems.   There are many disciplines in Software Engineering that help graduates become leaders in their profession. Among the first graduates of HITs are Denis Sharapov and Igor Romin, winner and silver medalist of the National Interuniversity Championship WorldSkills Russia in Web Design and Development, and winners of the Leaders of Digital Transformation competition in 2020.   - We have permanently increased the enrollment, and this time it will almost double - we now have 70 budget places on the program. In addition, this year HITs will have a master's degree program for 14 places. Seven of the defended bachelors said that they would definitely submit documents there, five are still thinking about it, - says Oleg Zmeev.
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The summer school of the Russian language
The summer school of the Russian language for international students and everyone starts! Rus-on-line Open lessons in Russian from teachers of the Faculty of Pre-Courses Department of Tomsk State University. 10 classes on various grammar and spoken topics The summer online school is completed by a master class from the dean of the faculty on a personal statement. Participation is free. Sign up
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TSU students will undergo training at the University of Sheffield
Bachelors students from the Institute of Economics and Management will take part in a 2-week English-language online training at the University of Sheffield (UK) with students from around the world. They will be mentored by Will Nash, Academic Director of the Center for English Studies at the University of Sheffield.   - We are glad to collaborate with IEM TSU. We chose this university, because there are fantastic students and opportunities for collaboration. This course is basic, and we will also involve students from different countries - Korea, Japan, Kazakhstan, China, Vietnam, Turkey, Indonesia, and Afghanistan. All of them have different backgrounds, so the more interesting it will be to discuss various issues. We will talk about topics such as business, environment, and international interaction. You will be able to improve your English and your understanding of international processes, and find friends from all over the world, - said Will Nash at an online meeting with students.   All faculty members involved in the course work are at the University of Sheffield. Upon completion of the course, a certificate will be issued.
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