Upon your arrival at TSU, you will be housed in a room in the new TSU Students' Residence Hall. 


After admittance, with only limited paper work, the TSU Students' Residence Hall staff will provide you with bed and all necessary bedding (mattress, pillow, blanket, bedspread and bed clothes). The Residence Hall is equipped with furniture and bathroom units. Shared kitchens are equipped with ovens. The Residence hall is up-to-date, built for students and their needs: studying rooms, internet, laundry, gym, cafeteria, place for dance and aerobics. There is security, with advanced CCTV and fire protection. The cost of the dormitory is ca. $15 per month.


There is the International Student Services Center on the 1st floor (room 15), that is available to assist you with questions you may have.







Within 2 or 3 days after your arrival you will need to go to International Student Services Center to discuss such housing issues as:

  1. Whether you would like to stay in the room in which you were originally placed or in another room where you could practice your Russian language (where you roommates will be native Russian speakers or international students with a high level of Russian language proficiency), or perhaps live with your friends, or in a room you may find more comfortable.
  2. Whether you may prefer to rent a room or apartment in the city. The Center can assist you with legal and language help in dealing with real estate agencies. 
  3. Dormitory or other housing rules, relating to accommodation fees, fire safety exercises, procedure for extension of dormitory stays, schedule of cleaning, and other useful guidance.

There are certain rights, rules and regulations which relate to your staying in the University Dormitory.

1. You, as an international student, have following rights:

  • to live in the same room throughout your whole period of study subject to the terms and conditions of the dormitory rental agreement;
  • to use the various dormitory facilities for study, household and cultural purposes for example gym, laundry, kitchen, and others;
  • to apply to the dormitory staff for the timely repair or replacement of the faulty equipment;
  • to use household appliances or equipment, so long as fire safety, usage, or sharing requirements are met; 
  • to move in another room of the dormitory with the consent of the university administration.
  • to apply for help from the head of International Student Services Center.

2. You also have certain obligations:

  • to follow terms and conditions of the dormitory rental agreement, as signed with the university administration;
  • to provide necessary documents for your residence registration;
  • to carefully follow the dormitory pass control;
  • to make timely payments for accommodations in the dormitory and other provided services; 
  • to respect and to not disturb other residents while using the premises for study, cultural, or household purposes. 
  • to not switch on ceiling lights, or to listen to music and TV after 11 p.m., unless neighbors consent.
  • to follow Emergency Instructions (fire, safety, etc.), when they occur; 
  • to respect other residents by keeping your dormitory room and common use facilities clean and in order, and by cleaning up the kitchen under the agreed-to schedule;
  • to conduct all health or sanitary activities in a timely way (X-rays, disinfection of rooms);
  • to not throw household waste or debris out of windows;
  • to protect rooms and equipment when you utilize them;
  • to reimburse TSU for any damage to dormitory facilities or equipment; 
  • to close windows and to lock doors when leaving your room;
  • to store spare keys from your room in the dormitory administration office;
  • to provide your IDs upon request of the dormitory security;
  • to use electric power and water economically;
  • to provide room access to the dormitory administration for monitoring repairs when requested;
  • to participate in fire-safety drills or activities;
  • to coordinate your plans for conducting special activities in the dormitory or within its area with a dean’s office, the dormitory administration, and/or the student council, as appropriate. Such activities should end no later than 11 p.m.;
  • to smoke ONLY in the special Smoking Areas;
  • to do laundry (wash and dry of clothes), shine shoes and other activities within special areas.


​3. You are not allowed to do the following things:

  • to move from one room to another without permission of the dormitory administration;
  • to have non-student visitors in your room overnight without the permission of the dormitory staff;
  • to take equipment or furniture from one room to another without permission of dormitory staff;
  • to conduct any change to electrical wiring or repairing of electrical mains;
  • to change doors or locks, or add additional locks on the entrance door to your room without written permission of the dormitory staff;
  • to take any actions causing loud noise or vibration that disturbs other residents of the dormitory, such as watching TV or listening to music at high volume or other loud sounds from 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. Please, respect your roommates and other residents of the dormitory;
  • to come to the dormitory intoxicated ;
  • to bring to or drink alcohol in the dorm;
  • to store, consume, or to distribute drugs and psychotropic substances;
  • to use open flames in your room or elsewhere in the dormitory;
  • to store or distribute explosives or flammable substances (including fireworks, gasoline, etc.);
  • to keep animals in the dormitory, including domestic or exotic animals, including reptiles;
  • to store bulky things or items limiting access of other residents to the room;
  • to paste non removable posters or other items on walls of a living room or in public places, except places specifically designated for this purpose.