Thursday, 28 September, 2017 -
19:00 to 21:00

Robert Anchipolovsky (Israel) and Tomsk municipal jazz orchestra “TSU-62” will present a new project “Tribute to Phil Woods” on September 28, 2017. This project will be a brilliant opening of the 56th concert season of the famous on-stage performance group, which celebrates 55th anniversary this year.


The world-famous American jazz musician and composer Phil Woods is recognized as one of the superstars in modern jazz. He belongs to the leaders of mainstream and survivalism, which focuses on maintenance and development of classical achievements of swing, bebop, hard bob and cool jazz.


Robert Anchipolovsky was born in Kyiv in a family of musicians: his father is a jazz musician, his grandfather is a professor of music academy. Robert graduated from the music college (alto saxophone) and Academy of jazz music in Kyiv. In 1991, he immigrated to Israel. He was honing his technical skills in New York during next four years, a great jazz saxophonist Phil Woods became his teacher. In 1996, Anchipolovsky came back to Israel, created several jazz bands and started to perform on a tour all over the world on a regular basis. Thanks to the victory in the prestigious saxophone competition in Italy, he signed the contract with the gramophone company “Philology Records”. Robert Anchipolovsky is a participant of prestigious international festivals, such as Wichita Jazz Festival, Paris International Jazz Festival, Umbria Winter Jazz Festival, Israel Festival, The Red Sea Jazz Festival, etc.      


Ticket price: 150 - 500 rubles