Coronavirus in the Tomsk Region: current situation
Here you can find relevant information on the spread of coronavirus in the Tomsk Region   Over the past weekend, nine more new cases of coronavirus infection were registered in the Tomsk Region. In all cases, the diseased were in contact with previously ill and hospitalized patients. They all were hospitalized; their condition is satisfactory.   Now there are 80 people in hospitals of the Tomsk Region with respiratory diseases, hospitals work as usual, there is no shortage of places.   In total, 429 cases of coronavirus disease have been registered in the Tomsk Region since the beginning of the epidemic: 109 people recovered, 316 are on treatment.   If you want to get acquainted with the official source of data on the number of cases, then use the official website https://стопкоронавирус.рф/# (in Russian), you can also see statistics for Russia here   You can find the news about #coronavirus on our website by the tag
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TSU Research Library has launched courier home delivery
The TSU Research Library has begun to deliver books requested by readers to their homes. This service can be used until the end of the remote working regime of the library. Books are issued remotely on a library card, and couriers bring them to the address indicated in the request in Tomsk on Tuesdays and Fridays.   The first delivery took place on May 15: it was a textbook on forestry in the Tomsk Region, an anthology on foreign literature of the 19th century, works by Honore de Balzac and research on his work, and research on the work of Chernyshevsky.   Faculty of Philology students presented the idea of delivering books to their homes during an online meeting with the university rector on April 30. For several days, the staff of the Research Library planned the organization of such a process. They contacted the UniProfi Student Labor Exchange and couriers were found, who now deliver books twice a week.   - The first delivery request came from the student who asked the rector a question about it, and he ordered five books at once. The second delivery of books took place on May 19. The service turned out to be in demand - the number of applications that came to the library increased. This time, requests for 18 books came from nine people. These were Fundamentals of Optics, Neologisms in Russian, Three Treatises on Oratory, Walter Scott's Historical Novel, and other literature necessary for students’ work, - says Andrey Kuzmin, the acting Head of the Service Department, TSU Research Library.     Our couriers who deliver books from the library and back are equipped with personal protective equipment - masks and gloves. Processing books before they are passed on to readers is not required. But after the books are returned to the library, they, like all publications in the pandemic season, are quarantined.   - Quarantine lasts several days, for the potentially present virus to die. The book is carried out in sealed boxes marked with when they were handed over. After quarantine, the books are returned to the shelf - processing by some special means is not required. Such measures are now being taken in the libraries of Russia and the world, - notes Andrey Kuzmin.
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An IEM student from India won a TSU competition for study in Normandy
Amit Banerjee, an Institute of Economics and Management student from India, won a competition for a six-month training at the Normandy School of Management (France) under an exchange program. In the current academic season, this is the only international student of the institute who has passed the competitive selection and will receive the support of the university.   Amit is 24 years old. He is studying in the International Management program.     In addition to studying, Amit is actively implementing himself in social entrepreneurship - he organized his startup to help people lead a healthy lifestyle physically, mentally, and socially. His project involves research trips to different parts of the world, health camps, and physical activity.   - I am an athlete, engaged in jogging, and participated in various events at the state and national levels. My passion for sports prompted me to continue my studies. Now I am at Tomsk State University, and my project, among other things, is a contribution to its development, - says the Master’s student.   TSU has been collaborating with the School for Exchange Programs for a long time. In past years, IEM students Diana Furmanova, Anastasia Mishchenko, and Anastasia Tretyakova passed the training. The Normandy School of Management is one of the oldest business schools in France (founded in 1871) and interacts with 220 partners from 50 countries in student exchange programs and double degree programs.
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TSU students are winners at the Scientific Initiative conference
TSU international students are among the winners of the 10th Russia-wide Research-to-Practice Conference “Scientific Initiative of International Students and Postgraduates of Russian Universities” at Tomsk Polytechnic University. To participate, it was necessary to prepare a report with a presentation, present it on an online broadcast or show a video of the report, and then answer questions from experts.   The conference was held in the areas of Engineering, Linguistics and Literature, Social and Human Sciences, Natural Sciences (including Medical and Biological Sciences), English section Science as a Vocation and Career, and Science Start (for students of preparatory departments). In each section, the competition was held for the best scientific video and online report.   Students of Tomsk State University were among the best in “Current Issues in the Humanities: Linguistics and Literary Criticism”. All winners and prize-winners are second-year undergraduates of the program Russian as a Foreign Language at the Faculty of Philology.   - I decided to become a teacher, so studying the Russian language plays an important role in my career,- said one of the best speakers at the conference, Chan Le Quan. In addition, studying Russian not only helps me deepen my knowledge of Russia, of Russian culture, but also helps to master communicative competencies. In a word, the Russian language for me is the key that opens before me the door to a successful professional path.     The Faculty of Philology master's program Russian as a Foreign Language (RFL) is very popular among Russian and international applicants, attracting students from different regions of Russia and from other countries. RFL graduates become winners of olympiadas and contests and are chosen for personal scholarships.   - In my opinion, TSU is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. I love it so much. Firstly, the teachers are good, polite, kind, and responsible. They conduct classes at a very high level and are always ready to help students in the learning process. Secondly, the TSU Research Library has all the books and study guides that we need. Thirdly, studying at TSU gives me a good opportunity to meet research activities. - added Chan Le Quan.  
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Vietnam held its Olympiada on the TSU online platform
TSU has become the organizer for the Russian Language Olympiada in Vietnam. Vietnamese graduates who will study in Russia for free are annually selected based on the results. For the first time, the Russian Center for Science and Culture of the city of Hanoi (Rossotrudnichestvo representative office in Vietnam) decided to conduct the Olympiada remotely because of the coronavirus, and TSU was chosen as the partner. Thus, Vietnam held its Olympiada outside of the country for the first time. Each year, the Russian Federation government allocates 10,000 quotas for international citizens in Russian educational institutions. Vietnam traditionally leads in the number of allocated study places. The recruitment operator for who will study on quotas is Rossotrudnichestvo. According to the decision of the selection testing working group, which included representatives of 8 leading Russian universities in Russian as a foreign language, in 2020 the Olympiada was held on the platform of Tomsk State University, as the website of the Rossotrudnichestvo representative office in Vietnam reports.   180 high school students from Vietnam registered to participate in the Olympiada, of whom 53 reached the final. All of them will receive quotas for study in Russia and will also be able to apply for a Vietnamese scholarship, which covers air travel, medical insurance, and a monthly stipend. The Olympiada took place in three stages: reading tests and listening tests were checked automatically on the remote testing platform developed by the TSU IT department. At the third stage, three commissions, consisting of teachers of the Faculty of Philology, gave an oral examination in speaking and summed up the results of the Olympiada.
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Additional measures at the TSU dormitories
Concerning Additional Measures to Prevent the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) at the TSU Dormitories In accordance with paragraph 7-1 of the Administrative Decree issued by the Administration of the Tomsk region dated as of March 18, 2020 No. 156-ра From 10 p.m. March 31, 2020 until April 15, 2020 Residents of the Tomsk region (including temporary residents and visitors) must stay at home unless they are leaving to: -          Access medical service and in case of an immediate risk of loss of life or health risks -          Attend work which was not suspended in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation and the legislative and regulatory acts of the Tomsk region; -          Carry out activities that were not suspended in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation and the legislative and regulatory acts of the Tomsk region, including transport services and delivery services; -          Shop for food (in the nearest shop or supermarket), necessary goods and services that were not temporary suspended in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation and the legislative and regulatory acts of the Tomsk region; -          Walk their dogs less than 200 meters from their house; -            Take out the trash. Remember that non-compliance with the sanitation and disease prevention legislation, which means violation of current sanitary laws and hygienic regulations, failure to follow sanitation and epidemic prevention measures, entails warning or imposition of an administrative fine in the amount from 100 to 500 rubles (paragraph 6.3 Russian Federation Administrative Offence Code).   Take care of yourself!
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World Health Organization standard recommendations
World Health Organization standard recommendations to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection · Often treat/wash your hands using alcohol based disinfectant or soap and water. · Cover your nose and mouth with your hand or napkin when sneezing and coughing. Immediately wash your hands or throw away the napkin after using. · Avoid contacting with people who have fever or cough. · If you have fever, cough, shortness of breath, please make an appointment in a medical center and tell them about your recent travels. · When visiting markets in contaminated areas please avoid direct contact with animals and surfaces touched by these animals. · Avoid consuming raw and badly cooked animal food. Handle raw meat, milk or animal organs with caution to avoid cross contamination with uncooked products.   If you are travelling to another city or abroad please follow the next rules: · Check the epidemiological situation when planning the trip; · Use medical face masks to protect your respiration organs; · Drink only bottled water, eat only heat-treated food; · Wash your hands before eating and after visiting public places.   DO NOT VISIT: · Markets with animals and seafood; · Cultural events involving animals.   If you feel sick, please address the medical institution immediately.
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Best QS Results
The UK company Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) has published new subject rankings of the best universities in the world in 48 areas. A total of 36 Russian universities were included in the rankings. TSU has risen in Linguistics (group 101-150), Chemistry (351-400), and Materials Science (251-300), and also entered the rankings in English and Literature for the first time (group 251-300) and Biology (501-550). QS rankings are considered one of the most prestigious for educational institutions. In the global QS ranking, Tomsk State University is ranked 268th. The ranking is based on academic reputation, the results of research activities, and the reputation of the university among employers.
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