Concert of the Orenburg Russian Folk Choir

Tuesday, 26 September, 2017 -
19:00 to 21:00

The Orenburg Choir was formed in 1958 on the base of Orenburg Regional Philharmonia, it consisted of the best singers, dancers and musicians of Orenburg region. During half a century of inspired work, the choir has hoarded gold reserves of songs, dances and vocal choreographic compositions, based on the folklore and historical events of Orenburg region. The instruments, such as blowing horns, treshchotkas, garmons, gusli, zhaleikas, which are used by artists of the Folk Instrument Orchestra, aren’t common among other bands. On-stage outfits produce a special effect on program: men have stylized uniform of the Orenburg Cossacks, on-stage outfits are made in the traditional Russian style. Women’s outfits are gorgeous, they include Russian embroidered sarafans, rich Cossack blouses, kokoshniks, covered with Russian precious and semiprecious stones.


Ticket price: 400 - 800 rubles. 


The tickets can be bought in the box office of TSU Centre of Culture or on the website