The first meeting of our Tandem club

суббота, 9 ноября, 2019 -
14:00 to 15:00

Hello everyone! 

On thursday we held Language Exchange. We had been preparing for it hard and for long.
With confidence we can say it was cool!

So we want to thank everyone who helped us to organize the event and to those who participated in the quest. There wouldn't have been the event without you!

We also want to thank those who sent their applications, but didn't get in. We still have a lot of cool events ahead. 

We have a small announcement for those who registered their tandem during our event.

We are waiting for you at 2pm on the first meeting of our Tandem club in the 18th room of the 3rd TSU building tomorrow, 9.11.
There is an important condition you must speak or learn English or Russian.

If you didn't attend the event you can also join us by writing to Lidia Petrovna Zhulyova:

See you!