Tomsk Weekly Poster

понедельник, 2 августа, 2021 - 12:15 to воскресенье, 8 августа, 2021 - 12:15
Meet (not without slight sadness) the last summer month with #TomskWeeklyPoster


Last week TSU started an annual event “I’m in TSU”. Students and enrollees can visit useful workshops, art sessions, meetings with faculties and more. Here are events we advise to go to:


On August 2 and 4 at 12:00 you may discover your vocal and dancing potential with workshops from school of music and theater “Mask show”.


On August 3 at 13:30 there will be the meeting with sci-fi and fantasy author Roman Zlotnikov, and at 17:00 you may come to TSU dance Hall and play some tabletop games on the tabletop games evening.


On August 4 you have the great opportunity to start your morning with yoga practice at 11:00, and then, at 16:00 watch an incredible Pixar animation “Soul” (it even won three Oscars this year, so it’s worth watching).


On August 5 at 12:00 you may deal with your motivation during the lecture “Four motivation blocks”, and at 17:30 check your erudition with quiz game.


In short, you won’t be bored during the week! But attention: each event requires registration. The full schedule and registration links are here.


New students start coming to Tomsk even now, so the best way for them to meet the city is excursions. Each weekend Museum of Wooden Architecture holds walking tours around the “European quarter” and shows the distinguished masterpieces of Tomsk architecture. Each tour begins at 16:00, the duration is 1h30. The cost is 800 rubles. To register please call: +7 (382) 256-39-53.